Frequently Asked Questions

Property management - Frequently asked questions

How do you screen your tenants?

All our tenants are required to fill out a Tenancy Application Form including rental and employment history. Our team then comprehensively checks and verifies this information.

How long does it take to approve the tenant once they have applied for my property?

Normally around 24 hours to process and approve a completed tenancy application, delays are due to third party verification.

How long a lease can I sign?

A lease term is usually six or twelve months. Leases over 3 years will be required to be registered.

What happens with repairs and maintenance?

All repairs are reported to our office and we contact you for approval. Once approval is given we arrange the appropriate tradesperson to attend to the job.

Do you have reliable tradespeople?

Yes. We have appropriately qualified and insured tradespeople that we recommend for their efficiency, competitive pricing and cleanliness.

Can I use my own tradespeople?

Yes. Please make sure you give us their details. They must have appropriate insurance for your protection; this is also required by legislation.

Can we pay the council and water rates out of the rent?

Yes. It is prudent to have us take care of all invoices relating to the property for tax reasons.

How often do you do routine inspections?

The Residential Tenancies Act allows for 4 inspections in a 12 month period.

Can I come along to these inspections?

Yes. Please let us know if you would like to attend.

Is a report done at the start of the tenancy?

Yes. A comprehensive Ingoing Inspection is carried out at the commencement of every tenancy. It will be the reference that we use when the tenant leaves.

How much bond does the tenant have to pay?

Four (4) weeks rent.

Do you check the property at the end of the tenancy?

Yes. When the tenant vacates we carry out a comprehensive outgoing inspection and ensure that the property is handed back as per the ingoing condition report. Subject to fair wear and tear.

Can I sell the property when the tenant has a lease in place?

Yes. The Residential Tenancy Agreement forms part of the sale contract and it is transferred to the new owner.

Can I ask the tenant to leave early?

No, not unless the tenants have broken their residential tenancy agreement. The tenant is entitled to stay at the property for the duration of the specified lease period at the specified rental agreed.

Who maintains the lawns and gardens?

The tenant, unless agreed otherwise and is stated in the tenancy agreement.

Who maintains the swimming pool?

The day-to-day maintenance of the pool is the responsibility of the tenant. Often for additional fees a professional pool maintenance company may be employed.

What happens if the tenant breaks something or causes some damage?

If there is damage caused by the tenant they are required to fix it or replace if necessary.

What happens at the end of the tenancy?

If both you and the tenant are happy to continue the lease agreement a new lease can be signed. Alternatively the tenant can continue on at the premises under the same terms and conditions as the original lease, without having to enter into a new fixed term agreement.

Does my property have to have a smoke detector?

YES! All properties must have a working smoke detector. It is your responsibility to make sure they are working!

When do I get paid?

We have rental payments to owners on a twice monthly or monthly basis.