Tips for Buying

Advice for finding your perfect home

Purchasing a home can be either the best or most frustrating experience that one can encounter in their lives. Here are a couple of hints that may assist you along the way.

Set your limits

It is important that you clarify with the bank a budget of how much you are able to spend. By securing this financial backing you will eliminate the stress of selecting a property out of your financial range and in turn establish primary criteria for narrowing your path.

Establish your needs and wants

Over time, many prospective purchasers miss out on the opportunity of purchasing properties that would perfectly suit their needs, by confusing what they actually NEED compared to what they WANT. In preparation for your search, you will be able to more efficiently narrow down your search, by writing out a list of features that you must have in the home or land you are seeking to purchase, as well as a separate list of features, that you would like in the home. By preparing this list and providing it to your agent, they will be further able to grasp exactly what you are searching for and can better ascertain those properties that can meet our needs as well at least some of your preferred features.

Be prepared to go for it!

Once you find the property that you wish to buy, don't waste time - negotiate a price and be prepared to sign the Contract for Sale exchanging the property with a cooling off period. You will then have 5 – 10 working days for your conveyancer to complete their reports and your bank to organise their side.

Your local Response team is here to assist with any questions you may have through the process. Feel free to call one of our friendly agents at any time.


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