Vacating a Property

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We are sorry to see our good tenants leave us, but this does happen and it is a chance to free up properties available for new prospective tenants. Prior to vacating you will need to advise us in writing and include the tenant/s name, address of the property, your vacating date, contact phone numbers, email, a reason for the notice and a forwarding address.

Click here to download a 'Notice of Intention to Vacate Form'.

The property must be left in the same condition as at the beginning of the tenancy, taking into account reasonable wear and tear. Response will carry out a detailed property inspection on the final day of your tenancy.

Tips for vacating a property

In order to assist you in vacating please find following a checklist to help you remember everything.

  • Contact Energy Australia requesting a final power reading for the day you are vacating.
  • Contact Telstra requesting phone disconnection or transfer for the day you are vacating.
  • Arrange your mail to be forwarded with Australia Post - note we do not on-forward mail.
  • Ensure the property is cleaned thoroughly - stove/oven/grill, floors, bathrooms, inside of cupboards, walls, skirting boards, window sills and tracks etc. Outside check grounds/gardens/lawns, windows and pavements. If the property is furnished, ensure the inventory is checked and all the items are clean and accounted for. A copy of the receipt for the professional carpet clean must be supplied to Response if this is applicable.
  • Arrange a suitable time with your Property Manager to inspect the property together if you wish to be present, or alternately we will carry out the vacating inspection when you have fully vacated and cleaned.
  • Return all keys to Response on the day you vacate. If locks have been changed or added, it is the tenant's responsibility to make all new sets available to the agent.
  • Ensure Response has your forwarding address and telephone number for future contact.
  • Contact Response regarding refund/transfer of bond monies. Make sure outstanding invoices (eg. water accounts) are paid and that rent is paid up until the date you are vacating.
  • Make sure the Bond Refund form has been signed by all parties that originally signed the lodgment form to ensure the quick return of your bond. (Refund of bond can take 1 - 4 weeks depending on the completion of this form).

If you have any questions regarding vacating a property then please ring the office you are dealing with. Our staff a very experienced in all aspects of renting and will be happy to assist.