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Selling - Frequently asked questions

What do I need to do to list my house for sale?

  • Sign the agency agreement
  • Confirm your solicitor/conveyancer or we can recommend a local professional for you.
  • Prepare your property for photography and upcoming inspections.

Why does the vendor prepare the contract for sale?

  • In order to market your property for sale it is essential to have a copy of the contract for sale; this is a legal requirement.
  • Your solicitor/conveyancer is responsible for preparing the contract on your behalf as this ensures that all conditions and terms incorporated into the contract are in your best interests.

Can I buy before selling?

You certainly can purchase a property before selling your property. Arrange finance to accommodate the time period between your new home purchase and your current property settlement. This is often called a relocation loan.

Can I sell before buying?

Selling before buying is common option as it allows easy finance for the purchase of your new home. If you sell before buying you are able to sell and buy in the same marketplace and at the same levels of growth and price. The settlement date of your sale can be coordinated with the settlement date of your purchase so that you always have a home to go to.

Can I set my own price?

  • The price is up to you.
  • Consider past sales and current competition when deciding on your price.
  • Be aware that you price may need to be reviewed during the marketing period due to changing markets.

What is my role in the sale process?

  • Present your property for inspections (check out our "Helpful Hints" section)
  • Sit back, relax and be ready for a sale to occur.

When will you be coming through?

  • Once the contract for sale arrives we can commence showing buyers through the property.
  • Inspections will be at the times of your choice and we will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible before bringing buyers through.

Do we have to be home for a buyer appointment?

  • It often makes buyers feel more comfortable when they can view the property without the owner present.
  • If possible take the kids and/or dog for a walk or go out the shops.
  • Rest assured that we will stay with the buyer throughout the inspection and point out all the features and benefits of your property.

Will you need keys?

Under normal circumstances keys make it more convenient for yourselves and the buyer. If you are unavailable, or away from home, we are still able to show buyers through the property. Access can sometimes be crucial where buyers are comparing properties.

Will you be only showing the house yourself?

  • Our entire sales team will be working together to sell your property.
  • This allows greater opportunity for more buyers to be introduced.
  • You will meet the sale team when we all come through on a group inspection to ensure the entire team is familiar with the features and benefits of your property.

What about advertising?

We will take care of the photos and advertisements for you after you have given your approval. We then take care of the marketing campaign on your behalf. Be assured that your marketing is first class.

What happens when an offer is made?

  • When a buyer makes an offer we will contact you and submit the offer to you.
  • You will then have the opportunity to submit a counter offer, which we will reply to the buyer, selling the benefits and at all times supporting the value of the property.
  • The negotiation process will continue until both you and the buyer have agreed on a price.

What happens when we accept a price?

The purchaser will pay a 0.25% deposit and sign the contract for sale. You will also be required to sign the contract for sale. Exchange of the contracts will then take place and we will forward the contract to both your solicitor/conveyancer and the purchaser's solicitor/conveyancer.

How long after the purchaser pays the deposit do we settle the property?

  • The standard settlement period is 42 days.
  • If you require a change to this time you can contact you're solicitor/conveyancer regarding altering the settlement period.
  • The settlement period can, on occasion, be extended or shortened when approaching the scheduled settlement day if you or the purchaser requires extra time. It is dependent upon both parties agreeing to this.

What happens on settlement day?

Prior to settlement you will sign the transfer documents and return them to your solicitor/conveyancer. Please ensure that ResponseRE have a key to the property and that you leave any additional keys, remote controls, instruction booklets and any other relevant documents in the top draw in the kitchen.

The purchaser will complete a pre-settlement inspection. Once settlement has been completed your solicitor/conveyancer will provide written authorization to ResponseRE to release the keys to the purchaser. We can assist provide names of cleaners, lawn care or trades to assist in preparation for settlement day, if required.

Who takes care of fees and accounts?

  • All fees and accounts are accounted for by your solicitor/conveyancer and these are paid on settlement when the buyer pays out the balance.
  • Our fees are generally deducted out of the deposit we are holding in our trust account on settlement. We will give you a statement of account showing everything has been accounted for.

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